English 8

Dear Rabbi Eliyahu Pinchas Eisenberger,

I would like to express in these few lines, that which a book would not suffice. I was up to such a point, that I actually saw a wall ahead of me. I didn’t know how to proceed, everything seemed dark and depressing. I had seen many people, but nothing really worked. I tried many things that helped until a day later (if it worked at all).  After feeling completely despondent I once came across a lecture which you had given, and I was hooked. I started partaking in your shiurim via your Tele Seminar and it literally transformed my life. I went from one extreme to the other. It brightened my life! My marriage got so much better and at work things improved tremendously. The sun started shining down on me!

Bless the one above.

It should be a merit to you and may you be blessed with a long life and continue doing your holy work. May you have only good, Nachas from your children and Health all your life. 

From the depth of my heart,


Eli Eisenberger