English 7

Dear Rabbi Eisenberger,

I don’t have the words, and the language is too poor to express my appreciation for His grace in directing me to listen to these wonderful, rich and deep shiurim by your Tele Seminar. I can say with a full mouth, I feel newly born! My life has changed from one extreme to the other.

I feel like I have been sitting in a dark and filthy dungeon, in a dirty small pit, and outside there is a beautiful and airy garden filled with beauty and light as the delicious fragrance of fresh flowers and sweet fruit waft over the little brook of water. And I am sadly sitting in my dark pit not wanting to leave. And now, thanks to your classes I am slowly emerging from that dark place and starting to breath the fresh air from the beautiful garden. I can now sing the verse “You have taken me out, from slavery to freedom, from bondage to redemption, from darkness to great light!”

I am married for the past 17 years. Throughout that time, I have been through many challenges, mainly emotional ones. I ran around to Rabbis, therapists and wise men, but I didn’t get anywhere. Nothing helped. I used to have small successes but ultimately fell back and never felt serenity or fulfillment in my life.

All these years, I never felt joy in being in my own home. Every time I walked through the door, I would take a deep breath and think “who knows what awaits me now”. I only went home because I had no choice and I had to be a normal person. If I ever came home and my wife was not home, it was a great relief for me. The best times in my life, were those that I traveled away alone, without my wife. It wasn’t that we didn’t have marital harmony, it was that we lived like two birds. I went my way and she went hers. But at times there was a lot of stress involved.

Like I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve gone through many challenges and kept trying to heal and help myself. It required of me lots of traveling here and there. Every time I needed to travel, my wife would put me through hell and cause me so much trouble. In general, she never accommodated anything extra I needed. I fought tooth and nail over everything, that was the only way. Often, I felt that she prevented me from reaching the success I was aiming for.

I will interject here, that on a different side, I always strived to be a g-d fearing and pious Jew. I learnt and prayed, and constantly made good resolutions and tried bettering myself. But sadly, was never able to hold strong to them and always fell back and felt bitter and despondent.

And now the good has doubled and quadrupled thanks to the One above.  Since I have attended your classes and obviously tried implementing everything we’ve learnt, I feel like a new person. I tried applying myself to my wife’s situation and providing and giving her all her needs without any thought of repayment and suddenly…ALL HAS CHANGED!

Suddenly I enjoy coming home, my home has become the best place in the world for me. I think about my wife and her needs all day, and she thinks of how she can give ME what I need. Everything in the most pleasant, happy and natural way. I finally feel serenity and fulfillment. I feel like all my previous problems were a result of my home not being a home.

The connection is wonderous and I myself don’t understand it, but since I acquired such a closeness to my wife, my connection with Hashem has become more real and substantial. I’ve come to notice that my previous relationship was just about me, myself and I. It was not a true relationship and closeness. Since I’ve emerged from my own pit and started doing things for my wife my life has changed dramatically. I feel like I’m living the sweetest life in this world.

Obviously, this is all with the help of Above and thanks to your shiurim, that I’ve come to the realization of what a woman is all about, why we get married, and the differences between men and women.

All that’s left, is for me to bless you that Hashem should give you continued success in being able to help so many people, and you yourself should merit a blessed and happy life until the coming of Moshiach speedily.

Eli Eisenberger