English 4

Dear Rabbi Eisenberger,

From the depth of my heart, I must thank you for the shiurim so rich in content, that quite literally have opened my heart and mind. It’s all to your merit that my life has changed so much for the better. When we first got married, we had a very poor relationship, or rather no relationship at all. We simply lived under one roof with no interest one another… With much help and therapy, we had thanks to Hashem gotten to a good life as you refer to as “the 3rd category in marital relationships”. It is astounding, that through a mere 8 weeks of listening we have entered the “2nd category”. It is sheer pleasure seeing the smile on my husband’s face! It’s not an outward smile but a genuine one, and we are experiencing real closeness.

And now, that my husband is starting to listen to the men’s series I can barely wait…

All the classes were so perfectly clear, exactly that which I’ve wanted and needed to hear. I’ve gleaned so much from each class.

Forever Grateful

Eli Eisenberger