English 3

Dear R’ Eisenberger,

I want to give you a big thank you for the amazing shiurim that have given me such clarity and brought happiness into my home. Truthfully, I would not have believed that in such a short time, from the information that I’ve learnt, my hardest times should change to the happiest times. I can make my wife happy and through that become happy as well. This has helped me so much, both practically and spiritually.

And all that in a holy and refined manner according to the Torah.

Its name is so profound, “Shlamus V’simchas Habayis”. “Wholesomeness and happiness in the home.”

May the Almighty shower upon you only good physically and spiritually with lots of G-dly assistance in all you do, and may you have success in all your endeavors- Amen.

Eli Eisenberger