English 10

To Shlamus V’shimchas Habayis,

My name is Moshe Yosef from Boro Park. I merited, with heavenly assistance, to partake in the lectures this Summer of the Tele Seminar, given by Rabbi Eliyahu Pinchas Eisenberger. 

I must say it was a tremendous pleasure physically and spiritually. Throughout the years, I have listened to many lectures on marriage and they were all very good. But the lectures of R’ Eisenberger were super rich, clear, organized, and with a tremendous amount of positivity. Everything in accordance to the Torah. How to get to true happiness and pleasure in the home, and to make the home a resting place for g-d.

The rabbi explains how a home must run and what is the responsibility and job of the husband. How to understand, thank, praise your wife, and how to express your love for each other according to their language. 

I must say, that since I am listening and doing the things taught at the shiur, my wife is feeling the positivity in the air (although she doesn’t know what was taught) she feels calm and beloved. May it continue so with Hashem’s help.

May Hashem help that others should also have the great merit of learning and following this unbelievable Torah’dig path. And they too should have brightness shine into their new lives!

Eli Eisenberger